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Circle F Feed & Pet Supply - Horse Feed

Just like our other pet foods, our horse foods are super premium with highly digestible ingredients.  Woody’s is made when we order it so it is never warehoused like other large animal brands.


CHAFFHAYE horse feed

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You have got to try this product to believe it!

CHAFFHAYE is a baled alfalfa, sprayed lightly with molasses and packaged in an air tight bag which makes it easy to transport and easy to store.It retains it's moisture so there is no dust and it retains it's nutrient value as long as it is sealed in the bag.

Unlike conventional alafalfa, this product WILL NOT make a horse hot, or full of energy. The sealing of the bag creates a firmentation process and natural yeast develops. This yeast works as a natural probiotic in the horse's stomach so the protein is a highly digestible protein. The horse is able to utilize the protein instead of converting it to energy. Colicing will never be a problem again.

Pricing does not fluctuate and storage is never a problem. Your horses will love it and their coats will never look better. Call us for more details.